This facility is provided for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents. The Owners’ corporation (OC) has a specific obligation to ensure the health and safety of all people using common property (CP) such as the pool area and at the same time ensure residents and neighbours enjoy quiet enjoyment of their lots and not be subject to loss of amenity.

In particular: hygiene/health issues: some residents are holding spa parties where users remain in the spa for in excess of 2 hours whilst drinking alcohol. Clearly some, during this time, urinate within the spa. In some instances, up to 11 people have been recorded as being in the spa for extended periods, drinking alcohol. This is dangerous to health especially if they are followed into the spa by young children who may ingest some water. Young children have been observed naked within the pool/spa and some with nappies using the pool/spa.

Safety issues: alcohol consumption whilst using the spa and pool create an unacceptable safety hazard. The use of glass containers also is unacceptable. Broken glass has been collected on the paving surface within the pool enclosure.

Regrettably safety, hygiene and satisfactory noise levels have been seriously breached by a small number of residents and our solution will unfortunately inconvenience the vast majority in the short term. We trust that you will understand that it has been necessary to introduce an additional house rule to incorporate the following.
A “Pool User Contract” has been prepared which will have to be signed off by each lot owner or their agent. On 19th February 2016 all pool access will be removed and reinstated once the Building Manager has received a signed original usage contract document.

The salient points of the contract relating to safety hygiene and noise are:
* Alcohol must not be consumed within the pool enclosure or in the common areas adjacent.
* No glass, porcelain or crockery containers allowed within the pool enclosure or in the adjacent common areas.
* Children must be personally supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
* No child is permitted to jump or dive into the Spa or submerge his/her face therein.
* No child is permitted in the pool or spa whilst naked or dressed in a nappy or similar.
* Running/skylarking is forbidden within the pool enclosure.
* Noise levels of users must remain within 5db of median surrounding noise levels.
* The pool hours of operation will be 5.30am to 9.00pm.
* The maximum number of patrons using the spa is limited to 5 at a time.
* Maximum usage per patron is 2 cycles (20 mins). Other residents within the pool enclosure must be asked if they wish to use the spa and given access before continuing with usage.

Only a minority of residents use the facility so we ask that normal non users wait until 1st March before requesting access to allow plenty of time for patrons to process their applications.

To obtain a Pool User Contract please contact the Building Manager at


(by authority of the Owners’ Corporation SP 61139)