Several flyers have been placed in our letterboxes advocating short term rentals and might
create the impression that short term rentals are permissible in the Pacific Waves building.
To be clear, short term rentals are not permitted in accordance with the original development
consent issued by Manly Council. When this was queried some 10 years ago we ascertained
that the cost of making the building compliant in order to have that condition removed was in
the order of $750,000 back then.

Bylaw 59 makes it mandatory that all residents and lot owners comply with this legal

Special Bylaw 11 “PROHIBITION OF SHORT TERM ACCOMODATION: passed at the last
annual general meeting confirmed compliance with the development consent and restated
lot owners insistence that the building cannot be used for short term rental accommodation.
Our Building Manager and Committee members check weekly looking for short term rental
invitations in the building. The Strata Committee will issue bylaw breach notices if we find
that short term rentals are occurring and process the breach through the prosecution

The Strata law changes which came into force on 1st December greatly increased the
financial penalties associated with by law breaches.

In summary: it is both illegal and a breach of bylaws to participate in offering short term
rental opportunities.

Pacific Waves
SP61139 Strata Committee