Dear PWB Residents,

You may be aware that the fire alarm was again activated on Thursday morning at 1.54 am. This alarm was triggered when floodwater entered a smoke alarm located on the ceiling of the common property hallway level 2.

The flood waters were caused by a burst hose which connects a washing machine to the wall supply tap. Significant flooding occurred within the subject apartment and also to many other neighbouring apartments including much of the common property hallway on two separate levels.

Extensive damage was caused which will involve costly rectification.

The resident was not at home at the time.

This damage could have been avoided if; the taps that supply the washing machine were turned “off”. (These taps should always remain in the “off” position when the machine is not in use). Further, if the floor drain in the laundry was not covered with foreign objects (a bucket with water in it), this drain would have removed the flood waters in a controlled manner. Damage would not have been caused and there would have been no impact upon other residents and their property.

In an effort to avoid a repeat of this incident and the damage/inconvenience it has caused, please ensure you turn off your washing machine taps every time when your washing machine is not in use.

For clarification please direct your enquiry to the Building Manager at:

(by authority of the Owners’ Corporation SP 61139)