The pool is located in the eastern courtyard and is for the use of all residents. An Owner or Occupier may not have more than 6 people in addition to themselves in the pool courtyard at any one time. Further, it is a requirement that you shower before entering the pool and that you take a towel with you to dry off before re-entering the building from the pool area. Following this practice will ensure the highest possible levels of hygiene and safety are maintained. Please note all depth and safety signage posted in the pool area.


The Pacific Waves Building has a small gym located on the eastern side courtyard. The gym is only accessible by an authorized access card/fob holder. To be eligible for Gym access you will need to undertake the mandatory induction procedure. Please email the BM. You will be required to formerly agree to the Gyms rules. A $60 admin fee will be payable to the OC by you via the BM. This fee is valid for a six month period.

Please note that strict rules particularly in relation to excessive noise apply and leaving the area in a clean and tidy manner The gym features a commercial grade tread mill, commercial grade exercise bike, a multi station cable machine and some dumbbells.

Hours of Operation: Daily – 5:30am to 10:00pm unless otherwise authorised in writing.

Surfer Change Room

The Owners Corporation (OC) has invested in hot shower and change room facilities for surfer/swimmer residents, returning from the beach. These are conveniently located inside the garbage room (far end).

If you are returning from the beach and are wet or have sand on you, please use this facility to clean up and dry off prior to entering the main lift lobby.

Please Note: The Owners Corporation (OC) has registered a new By-law. Leaving sand or water on the common property, lift lobbies, lifts, etc. is prohibited. An offender will be charged a cleaning/admin fee, approx. $55 for each clean. CCTV is in use 24 hours, 7 days per week.

For clarification please direct your enquiry to the Building Manager by email at: buildingmanager@pacificwavesmanly.com