1. Notify the Building Manager (BM) in advance, via email, of the date and time you plan to move in/out of the Pacific Waves Building (PWB), minimum 48hrs notice. Please see By-laws no’s. 4 and 13 for clarification.

2. Lift Keys the BM will provide you with the lock box combination so that you can obtain the lift keys and loading dock keys, (the lock box is located in the loading bay on the wall beside the roller door)

3. Lift blankets, these are located in the small room outside the BM office. Please place these in lift no.2 (the one on the right) you must remove these after use and return to the original location. The keys are to be placed in the “Excusive switch”. By switching to exclusive the lift cannot be called away from other levels.

4. Upon completion of moving your bulky goods please return the lift to normal service, the keys to the lock box, restore the chains at the loading dock, return the lift blankets, shut the roller door and notify the BM via email that you are finished.

5. Failure to comply with the above conditions may result in an Admin Fee being charged to you for rectification costs incurred by the OC. If you do not.

6. Lift outage, should one of the two lifts be out of order access may not be available. Where possible you will be notified in advance of this by txt or email. Should this occur please consult with the BM for an alternative solution.

(by authority of the Owners’ Corporation SP 61139)