Are you expecting a package?

Dear PWB Residents

Are you expecting or missing a package?

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Pool House Rules: Safety/Hygiene/Noise

Pool House Rules: Safety/Hygiene/Noise

This facility is provided for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents. The Owners’ corporation (OC) has a specific obligation to ensure the health and safety of all people using common property (CP) such as the pool area and at the same time ensure residents and neighbours enjoy quiet enjoyment of […]

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Gym Membership Renewal


To Pacific Waves (PW) Residents interested in PW Gym membership.

Dear PW Residents

Please be aware that current Gym memberships expire 30 June. Gym memberships are available twice annually on a 6 monthly cycle @ the rate of $60 per 6 months.

1 January to 30 June, and 1 July to 31 December.

Gym Memberships are available […]

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Surfer Change Room

The Owners Corporation (OC) has invested in; hot shower and change room facilities for surfer/swimmer residents, returning from the beach. These are conveniently located inside the garbage room (far end).

If you are returning from the beach and are wet or have sand on you, please use this facility to clean up and dry off prior […]

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